The Ethos

“There is no planet B” – It’s time to embrace sustainability as a way of life.

Our responsibility toward the Planet.

At Onefortheroad we believe a sustainable future is the responsibility of each and every person.

Cycling is a relatively low-impact sport for the environment, but, as with most human activities, the industry behind it could and should reduce its environmental footprint.

Production of frames and components made of exotic materials is a high-energy consuming process, so the secondhand custom-made approach is certainly a better way of using resources which still have a long life span ahead with many miles and much happiness to deliver.

Step lightly on it.

The humble bicycle is here to stay and thrive.

More and more people around the world are looking at cycling as a means of transportation, while many others use it as a sporting activity.

The boom in bicycle demand which has followed the global pandemic is certainly good news, but it’s seen an unprecedented increase in production of new bikes that are often cheap as chips and not durable enough for daily use.

Go secondhand, it means the world!

There’s already a world of resources and materials out there. All you need is the expertise to put them together and restore the magic.

This is what we do at Onefortheroad, check out our portfolio and let us know how cool your new bike should be.