Blog #1 Pick a Cause

Before we get into bikes, components, sock fashion, epic rides and other trivial stuff, it’s time for me to pick a cause and tell you about it.

Coming from the fact that my participation in the #TCRo6 is a unique opportunity, and that in the years I’ve spent working for an NGO I’ve also learnt a thing or two about engagement, I’ve concluded that best use of this blog and the internet traffic it can generate is to promote a charitable cause.

The Old Continent will be a theatre of sweat, mud and tears for TCR riders, but for some time now it’s also been a place of hope and relief for millions of refugees.

The refugee crisis has been a contentious issue across Europe and one which has drastically polarised society in recent years.

Many have shown compassion for those migrating to the EU. Some in particular have pulled up their sleeves and founded an NGO to help Syrian families in their homeland.

I’ve chosen to support Nazra Syria, which has been active since 2012 and provides local solutions to families in Syria in order to improve their daily lives and help them find a better future.






You can check out at who they are and what projects they are currently fundraising for. They are notably supporting a number of Syrian families, providing them with clever solutions such as rocket stoves and solar cookers, to cover the basic needs in a war torn country, showing how ingenuity can save lives.

They would really love you to subscribe to the Nazra Newsletter.

And if you want to act, here’s what you can do:
Donate to Nazra Syria so that families can get food, clothes for the winter or medical treatment
Sign this petition
Join a protest
Contact the Russian Embassy to ask them to stop the bombings in Eastern Ghouta (see phone list here)

I know I’ve said this blog wasn’t meant to be of any significant contribution for humanity, but mine is just a drop in the ocean, of very modest proportions…