The Machines

Velominati rule #4 It's all about the bike... "It is, absolutely, without question, unequivocally, about the bike. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously a twatwaffle." Here are few bikes I had the pleasure to build

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The Ethos

“There is no planet B” – It’s time to embrace sustainability as a way of life. Our responsibility toward the Planet. At Onefortheroad we believe a sustainable future is the responsibility of each and every person.

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The Man

My name is Gianluca Morini, also known as Gian or Gionny, depending on my friends' moods.I'm 50 years old and I've had a rather adventurous life, but hey, we're here to talk about cycling! So,

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One For The Road

The concept is very simple: I build stunning custom bikes on demand.

Great, affordable bikes.

You tell me what kind of bike you’d like and using A-grade pre-loved parts, I’ll build you a fantastic ride that doesn’t break the bank and is more environmentally friendly than anything you can get online or from a bike store.

Sustainability is the ethos of my business.

Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Carbon. You choose if your next ride will be a timeless classic, a criterium crusher, a fixie or your all-time dream machine and I’ll put it together for you.


My classic steeds are great to ride and they also look amazing when mounted on the wall. If you’re not sure of what kind of bike you would like to ride, let’s talk about it. I’m happy to give you a number of options which would satisfy your wallet and your cycling aspirations. You call the budget, but remember, out of: cheap, fast and good you may pick only two!

Riding quality, fun and aesthetics.

It’s not about the latest trend, but what works for you and make you progress well in the sport.  Owning the right bike for what you wish to achieve will undoubtably make you happy, prevent you from injuries and enable you to enjoy club rides, Gran Fondo as well as be competitive at your local race. And…let’s be honest, since you’ll spend your free time on it, it may as well be a good looking bike!

 12 months warranty and free service.

I’ll stand behind the bikes I build and I’m happy to give you 12 months warranty and one year of free service.

I’ll ship Australia-wide and overseas if needed.

Check out my portfolio and let me know which one you would like to be yours!