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As I received the news that I was selected for competing in the #TCRo6, The Syrian crisis was all over the media. Families were living in underground shelters to survive bombings, kids were being extracted from the rubble. I thought that if I could find a way to make those 4000 km count, that’d make the race twice as more compelling for me.

After all, if in August this year, all my problems will revolve around my sore ass, better be sore for a damn good reason! Remembering that a sore ass remains a “champagne problem”. There are serious matters in the world, which cannot be addressed double dipping the butt cream pot.

Yes, I remember saying “This blog is not meant to make the world a better place, or it will be of any significant contribution for humanity” however, this is just a drop in the ocean, of very modest proportions.

The activist in me takes predominance over the cyclist, always will, but the philosophy remains unchanged: Take the risk or loose the chance!

Coming from the fact that my participation in the #TCRo6 is a unique opportunity, and that in the years I’ve spent working for an NGO I’ve also learnt a thing or two about engagement, I’ve concluded that best use of this blog and the internet traffic it can generate is to promote a charitable cause.

Nazra Syria

The refugee crisis has been a contentious issue across Europe and one which has drastically polarised society in recent years.

Many have shown compassion for those migrating to the EU. Some in particular have pulled up their sleeves and founded an NGO to help Syrian families in their homeland.

I’ve chosen to support Nazra Syria, which has been active since 2012 and provides local solutions to families in Syria in order to improve their daily lives and help them find a better future.

You can check out at who they are and what projects they are currently fundraising for. They are notably supporting a number of Syrian families, providing them with clever solutions such as rocket stoves and solar cookers, to cover the basic needs in a war torn country, showing how ingenuity can save lives.

Support my journey, donate to Nazra Syria

With the same ingenuity, the friends at Nazra Syria are raising funds, by auctioning the Kilometres I will be covering during the Transcontinental Race ( #TCRNo6 ). What can you do to help?

– pledge your support in the fundraiser we have set up for this challenge:

Contribute to the online money pot

– make a donation now and start helping Syrian families right away

What to say, the pressure is on! this will be one more good reason to make it to Meteora, hopefully on-time for the Finisher’s Party.

Cycle further – the road doesn’t end in Meteora

If YOU wish to go few extra kilometres for Nazra Syria, you can:

– become a regular donor so that families can get food, winter clothes or medical treatment
– join the team of volunteers
– organize a charity event for Nazra Syria
More info here: 

Thanks, let’s spin those pedals all the way to Greece!