One For The Road


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In case you’re into cycling, perhaps it’s worth reading this blog and have a laugh at me.

You might find some affinity with my stories or think I’m a complete fool, I’m happy either way.

One For the Road is the story of my cycling addiction, reaching its climax as I’m transiting through my midlife…some might say crisis. It’s about me gearing up to undertake the largest endeavour I’ve ever attempted.

Oh yeah, in January 2018 I’ve applied to participate in the Transcontinental Race 2018 ( #TCRNo6 ) and guess what? I got in!!

Now I have to prepare to ride 4,000 Km in 15 days and climb 53,000 meters of mountains across Europe: exciting and quite frankly a little bit frightening. So here is the story…

Why Well, I’m the social type. There is always a last one for the road, but if I want to get through the TCR, I might have to revise my habits a bit.

now I have to up the game, fully embracing Velominati rule #5 “Harden the F**k up”