Packing lightish

Back from another epic training ride. This Easter, energy gels replaced chocolate eggs in my diet, while the weather was perfect for a road adventure.

Objectives for this 206Km dash to Tenterfield (NSW) were in the order: 1) climb 3000 meters with an heavy bike, 2) check if all electrical, navigation, lights and charging gear are working, 3) test the triathlon bar position, 4) try to do a decent video blog…All of this and still manage to have a decent evening out with Emma, who’s come out west for the weekend.

“Per aspera ad astra”

Objective one was completed in 10 hours, despite a 14.9Kg bike (the double of its normal weight). I must confess that climbing the Great Dividing Range wasn’t easy with a Standard chainset. A Compact chainset is a must have for the Alpine cols, no question, otherwise I will blow up already in Switzerland. The suffer meter was up to 8 at my arrival, my bum was fine but my right foot was screaming for a wider shoe. Probably less flamboyant than my pair of R1B Fizik, but more comfortable over so many hours.

Navigation was spot on, with redundant systems, both working fine. Lights were good, but I’ve lost the tail light half way…I must have knocked it off riding over a pothole. The LiPo battery blew up another USB power adapter…mmm…blue smoke = no good, I will need to check what is the problem.






Objective three: Tri bars were a useless piece of metal, protruding at the front of my steed, making the bike handling very sluggish, almost like driving a bus! I’m either missing something here, or I just don’t like my Bianchi looking so cluttered.

And here comes in handy Velominati Rule #
No aerobars on road bikes.

Aerobars or other clip-on attachments are under no circumstances to be employed on your road bike. The only exception to this is if you are competing in a mountain timetrial.

Hehe, for any problem, the Velominati have issued a solution…










Video Blog…wait and see…oh yeah some of that is coming soon, but only to promote a cause, any form of narcissism is strictly forbidden 😉

I guess you wanna know if I’ve managed to take Emma out for dinner, YES I did and had a yummy one. I didn’t really feel like dancing afterwards, but I don’t think Emma was expecting me to.

Going to the packing list, here is my current list for the #TCRNo6

Bike accessories:

aerobars??, bike bags (saddle pack, top tube, frame pack), wheel bags, bike case.

Spare parts & consumables:

vittoria rubino PRO 28mm clincher tires, spare derailleur, spare brake pads, inner tubes, puncture repair kit + self adhesive patches, chain spare quick link, chain oil.


tire levers, rag, multitool with chain cutting tool, Leatherman tool, mini pump.


cycling kit (jersey/bib/socks), arm warmers, skullcap, road shoes + cleats, sunglasses, helmet, gloves, mittens, knee warmers, gilet, rain jacket, winter jersey, flip flops, high-vis vest, T-shits and shorts (off the bike attire).


Garmin 520 bike computer, smartphone and hear buds, HRM belt, USB charger with cables, LiPo battery pack, SPOT trace.


Bivac bag, sleeping bag liner.


Head torch, front light, tail light.


electrolyte tablets, Energy GEL, bike lock,  first aid kit, pack rubber bands, painkillers, magnesium tabs, sunscreen, tie wraps, velcro straps or bungee cords, toothbrush + paste, quick dry towel, tube of do-it-all liquid soap, zip lock bags, smartphone mount for bike, Passport, cash, credit card.


Anything missing from the list? please, let me know in the comment section…