The Machines

Velominati rule #4 It's all about the bike... "It is, absolutely, without question, unequivocally, about the bike. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously a twatwaffle." Lets start with my TCRNo6 machine - Bianchi Intenso 2016

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The Ethos

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The Man

  My name is Gianluca Morini, also known as Gian or Gionny, depending on my friends' moods. I'm 47 years old and I've had a rather adventurous life, but hey, we're here to talk about

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One For The Road

The concept of my business is very simple: I build custom bikes on demand

You tell me what kind of bike you wish to ride and I’ll build you a fantastic ride, made with A-grade pre-loved parts that doesn’t brake the bank and is more environmentally friendly then anything else you can get on-line or from a bike store.

Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Carbon. You chose if your next ride will be a timeless classic or a criterium crusher.

Check out my portfolio and let me know which one you wish to be your next one.